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NowNextLaterPotential opportunities
Make the Outpost platform easier to adopt for other local authorities- Containerise Outpost and Outpost API (Greenwich Beta)
- Integrate Outpost services into Drupal/LocalGov Drupal (Greenwich Beta)
- Remove reliance on specific hosting providers (Greenwich Beta)
- Remove theming from Scout
Tagging (publicly visible labels) (Greenwich Beta)
- Remove reliance on file upload providers (Greenwich Beta)
- Ofsted feed software is reusable
-Add more customisation options in scout
-Modularise Outpost to allow bespoke features
Define how to rank nationwide services in location based searches
-Remove reliance on Notify email provider (needed for non-gov organisations)
-Admins can follow a 1-click install for outpost
-Easy import data from Open Objects
-Wizard set-up for admin
Enable easier sharing of data between Outpost instances
-Outpost widget
-Reporting of data in Outpost (e.g. services in each category)
-Show Outpost services on any HTML site
-Integrate Outpost services with WordPress
DocumentationCreate Outpost website to replace Wiki
-API documentation
Documentation for council officers
-Developer documentation
Ofsted feed
-Documentation for service owners
Service blueprint?
Make Outpost easier to developDesign System - HTML componentsDesign System - React componentsBoilerplate for creating other apps in Outpost ecosystem (e.g. reporting tool)
-Design System prototyping kit
Improve data quality and sharingEasy import data from other ORUK sourceORUK V3 Outpost complianceSupport for ORUK vocabularies
Make Outpost easier to use for adminsFilter services by multiple taxonomies
-Admins can update suitability needs
-WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor
-Admins can update accessibility needs
-Admins can update SEND needs
-Read-only view for admins
Bulk update services
-Bulk approve services
-Bulk import services via Outpost application
Deduping locations in OutpostTaxonomy dropdown typeahead
-Improvements to approval workflow (e.g. automatic approvals)
-Integrate CQC feed into Outpost
-More granular roles and permissions for admins
Make Outpost easier to use for service providersCustom field type: date-time
-Allow service owners to invite others to organisation
Passwordless login
-File uploads in service listings in existing fields (e.g. media, PDFs)
-Custom field type: file upload
Allow service owners to edit Organisation information
-Allow service owners to add additional information about organisation (e.g. images and file uploads)