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The history of the Outpost Platform


Outpost was originally developed by FutureGov, now TPX Impact in 2019 while working with the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service. In 2022 TPXImpact began work with Royal Borough of Greenwich and DLUCH to create a reusable directory product.


  • 2019 - FutureGov worked with Buckinghamshire Family Information Services to create the original Outpost (Bucks FIS)

    Where it all began. FutureGov worked with Bucks to create the foundations of Outpost.

  • 2021 June - FutureGov worked with Buckinghamshire Adult Social Care team to add additional team into Bucks Outpost (Bucks ASC or BOD)

    While the original Outpost project was underway with Buckinghamshire, FutureGov had developed another two directories with different teams within Buckinghamshire. One was known as the coronavirus directory and another was the Buckinghamshire Online Directory. We were asked to add the second team onto Outpost and as such came up with the [[Teams and directories]] concept

  • 2022 July - TPXImpact begin work to make the Outpost platform more reusable. Working with Royal Borough of Greenwich and DLUHC

    You can read more about the progress here.

  • 2022 December - Royal Borough of Greenwich and TPXImpact create the [[Outpost Roadmap]]