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Outpost platform

A new kind of service directory

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A modern, accessible service directory, with a solid data infrastructure underneath

Outpost and Scout are built to be flexible: one tool for staff and one for residents, loosely joined by a powerful, open API.

It's a scalable platform that can be built on over time, adding new resident-facing services that consume data from the API and use it in different ways.

  • Built from the ground up for the modern web, meeting WCAG AA standards for accessibility.
  • Location aware search means it's easy for residents to find things in their local area.
  • Data maintenence can be delegated to residents. No need for council staff to make every single change.
  • No monoliths in sight. Scout and Outpost can be used by themselves, but Outpost is capable of powering a whole ecosystem of products.

See how it works

  • A brief tour of Scout

    See how the public service directory works, including how you can search the directory and things you might see in the results.

  • Using Outpost to manage listings

    See how residents can use the admin tool, Outpost, to create and manage their own listings.