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Configure file storage

Currently we are only using GCP for ActiveStorage, we would like this to be interchangeable. [[Milestones]]

You will need to follow the below for each bucket, dev, staging and prod!

  1. Google cloud storage > create a bucket
  • outpost_dev
    • location type: region - europe-west2 (london)
    • storage classe: standard
    • access to objects - "Enforce public access prevention on this bucket" unchecked, access control is uniform
    • protect object data: none
  1. Create credentials in APIs and services > + create credentials > service account
  • outpost-dev
    • description: Service account for access to activestorage bucket on development account
  • Grant this service account access to the project
    • skip
  • Grant users access to this service account
    • skip
  1. Download credentials
  • Go into IAM and admin > Service Accounts and find the one you just created, select keys at the top
  • Click Add Key > key type JSON
  • Add them to the project and store them somewhere safe and encrypted. You will need the .json file to deploy.
  1. add service account to bucket
  • go to your bucket
  • permissions > + add enter email address of service account
  • Grant service account access to the project:
    • Cloud Storage > Storage Admin role