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Administrative tasks

Outpost depends on on several important rake tasks.

Some of these can be run manually, and some are best scheduled using Heroku Scheduler or similar.

See [[Crons]]

TaskDescriptionSuggested schedule
open_objects:importRun the bespoke import job from Open Objects. For this to succeed, you need several source CSV data files in the /lib/seeds folder. Will take a long time.One-off
build_public_indexBuild the initial public index for the API service to use.One-off
process_permanent_deletionsPermanently delete any services and users that have been "discarded" for more than 30 days.Weekly
ofsted:create_initial_itemsBuild the initial Ofsted items tableOne-off
ofsted:update_itemsCheck for any changes to Ofsted items against the Ofsted APIDaily, overnight
update_counters:allUpdate the counter caches to keep them in syncDaily, overnight