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Outpost Sprint 2

· 2 min read
Hannah Nicholas

17 August - 7 September

This was challenging sprint. We decided to extend the sprint to three weeks to attempt to get a bit more done with a limited team.

  • a bug fix and some UI improvements for users marked for deletion in Outpost
  • Show the number of search results returned in scout
  • The beginnings of some of the Outpost Design System work
  • Conversations around the design system and what we will need in relation to whitelabeling, there is a task around the custom 'apps' links that are a feature in Outpost

There were also a couple of key spikes in this sprint to:

  • investigate how to consolidate the APIs
  • investigate the best way to architect Outpost to allow for easier upgrades

We also reviewed our current support and maintenance model. We determined while there are only a limited number of Outpost/Scout instances that our current model works, but it would need to be revisited when we reach six Outpost instances.

We focused our efforts on understanding migration process that would be required to move an existing directory service to Outpost as this will be useful starting point for any local authority wanting to use Outpost.