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Outpost Sprint 1

· One min read
Hannah Nicholas

4 August 22 - 17 August 22

Sprint one was all about getting things setup and clearing pull requests leftover from other projects. The work included:

  • Clearing any outstanding pull requests so we have a good starting point for future work
  • Removed hard-coded references to any single instances of Outpost, to prepare for further white-labelling work.
  • Merging the latest work we have done into the main branch so we will have the latest features going forwards
  • Removed support for preset taxonomies in Scout, meaning we no longer need to rebuild the app every time the taxonomies change in Outpost and taxonomies are now always in sync between Scout and Outpost
  • Added a suite of tools to help with data imports when setting up a new instance of Outpost. This included import scripts, documentation and template spreadsheets ready to fill in with the data to import.
  • Improved validations to minimise bad data getting into the system via forms and data imports
  • Various small bug fixes and security updates