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User roles

There are three main user roles in the Outpost platform


These are service users, members of the public, anyone who doesn't require a login to access the information.

Service Owners

These are users who manage one or more services through Outpost. Also known as Community users or [[Organisations]].

This group have logins for Outpost. They have a unique interface in Outpost tailered entirely to them.


They will be able to see the Outpost admin. The design is specifically tailored to them.



Administrators have their own view of Outpost. Council officers, IT staff, Admins refers to anyone with access to the Outpost admin screen.


There are other additional roles that can be assigned to administrators.
  • User can manage services
  • User can see ofsted fedd
  • User can manage other Users, Taxonomies and Custom fields
  • There is also a fourth role, the ability to give others the ability to assign the 'User can see ofsted feed' role. (The UX needs desiging for this) [[Milestones]]